Don't Give Up!!!

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Don't Give Up!!!

There have been many times in my life where people have told me I couldn’t do something, wasn’t good enough to do something, or what I had in mind wasn’t possible and I allowed my insecurities to get in the way and cause me to question myself.  

But since God has given me the assignment to start a movement of Second Chances, I have been relentless in my focus and refuse to let the Kazoo get in the way.

Pat Smith on set The TALKI have known that in order to make an impact and reach hundreds of thousands people with a message of hope for their futures, it would take a national media platform to be successful. When interviewing agencies, one day, I even had a PR rep tell me that I could not get the attention of the national media — that it would take Emmitt out on tour with me in order to be booked on the major shows. In the old days, I would have curled up, put my head down and said “okay, I guess I’m NOT good enough to stand on my own.”  But, this time, I DID NOT. Something inside of me motivated me to stand on God’s promise for me and to trust and believe that it could happen. After interviewing 15 different companies and individuals, I connected with a PR company that DID believe that I had a national message.

One of the first bookings I got was Good Morning America — the ultimate of national platforms I had envisioned!!! Then, a few other national publications or shows were booked and my instincts were confirmed. As other bookings for New York and Los Angeles followed over the next few weeks, I noticed one day that one of my favorite daytime talk shows, The Talk was not on the schedule. When I inquired about the booking, I was told that they had declined to have me on the show — no interest. Period. This was a bit hard for me to swallow, particularly because many other shows were “considering,” “looking at the schedule,” “maybe” … but NONE had told me NO, no interest!  

Something inside me at that time said … “Don’t give up!” So I didn’t!!! The Emmitt Smith Celebrity Golf Tournament was the following weekend and I looked for anyone from CBS who could help me — and I couldn’t. I searched my address book to see if I had the personal contacts for any of the hosts — and I didn’t. Then, on Friday, May 13th, I was booked on Good Morning Texas to promote the live stream event I hosted in Dallas with Wynonna Judd. That morning, I read a tweet from GMT that welcomed Sheryl Underwood to the show that very day! I grabbed one of my books, determined to talk to her. Sheryl is one of those people who have inspired ME and I wanted her to know that sharing her story on of Second Chances on The Talk had impacted me. I knew Sheryl from my past, but had not been in touch for years. When I saw her and said … “I need your help to come on your show and share a positive message with your audience,” she said “What’s stopping you?” I explained that we had received a decline from the show and she immediately grabbed her phone and placed a call. By Monday, our PR firm had heard back from the show with an invitation to sit at the table with the other hosts during their Top Talker segment and the date they requested was a date I was already scheduled to be in LA!!! This meant so much to me because it was a new platform that would reach new demographics and audiences that might need to hear that Second Chances are Possible for everyone.

Pat Smith The TALKSheryl Underwood made a commitment to me and she kept it. She said there was no guarantee, but she would make the ask. This meant the world to me and demonstrated to me the importance of girlfriends. Sometimes, we don’t support one another, but there is such power when we do.

You see, it was refreshing to see her share with someone else and provide an opportunity for me. Sheryl is member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority and I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Yet, we are still part of the same sisterhood and that sisterhood is strong and can’t be broken. It is great to come together for the good of others and that is what Sheryl allowed us to do.

I share in my book, Second Chances the importance of girlfriends and even greater, the power of women coming together to support each other. I have learned that what God has designed us to be is what we are going to be. What is for YOU is for YOU. In other words, remove those insecurities and help someone else. God has already destined us for the results. We should always be grateful for what He gives us. And women and should always help another woman.

My learnings: Always be grateful. Don’t accept no. Receive our yes. Open the door for another.