About Treasure You

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Pat's Vision

Pat’s vision for Treasure You was birthed in 2006 when Emmitt was asked to first dance with “Dancing With the Stars.” Having moved to Dallas from Los Angeles, Pat was feeling unable to develop her own career and saw that Emmitt’s was moving forward rapidly. The fact is that she didn’t really want her husband to be dancing in Los Angeles – she thought it should be her on that dance floor! After a season which resulted in Emmitt bringing home the prized “mirror ball trophy,” Pat came back to Dallas smiling and celebrating outwardly for her husband but feeling down and defeated on the inside. The very next Sunday, her pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes made a statement in church that she felt was directed solely at her: “Whatever God is telling you to do in your life, you go and do it NOW!” With that one line of inspiration, Pat planned her first retreat for women of high profiled celebrities who were feeling lost in their own self-worth. She immediately knew, however, that the retreat was for every woman. She knew that many women needed inspiration and motivation to uplift their spirits and rediscover their inner beauty and worth.